Monday, June 27, 2005

The Over-empowerment Project

Well, it's time to dip back into solipsism...

I am all for people standing up for their rights. No one should have their rights, feelings, what-have-you, stepped on. It's particularly galling when someone weaker has difficulty standing up for themselves.

Did you know that there's an upper limit? Really! I recently learned this the hard way.

You hit the limit when you are empowering yourself to the Nth degree; and the only thing that matters is YOU! You have reached the point of over-empowerment when things like fairness, basic human decency and love fall by the wayside in favor of "I'M RIGHT, MOTHERFUCKA; FUCK ALL Y'ALL!!"

It must stop right at the border of "good-for-me" and "good-for-everybody." Why? Think about it! That's where you cross the line from "good for me" to "bad for everybody..."

Yeah, I hurt. I'll get over it.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Back, by demand

Okay, time for a question that should stir some debate. That is, if anyone is still reading...

I was reading this article from (click the title); and a big question returned to my mind. Actually, it's a deeply disturbing article that raises LOTS of questions. But one came up in my mind out of a tangent...and now that I have a blog, what a great place to air it!

How could a practicing Christian become part of the military, or even perform a duty as a peace officer?

I am no Christian. I am closer to the Jewish faith, but in all honesty, it's more of a cultural connection than a religious one. I mean, I can't say for certain that there ISN'T more than one god (monotheism being Judaism's great gift to the world, the "invisible man in the sky," as Gore Vidal puts it) . I also can't state with conviction that religion does more good than harm in this world. In fact, I think I like the idea that each one of us in direct connection to the god force; and therefore part of god, and therefore...

That aside, my understanding of the Christ's teachings is, in essence, that he wants us to love each other. Love thy neighbor. Forgive them when they transgress. How can a follower of these principles bear arms against his neighbor? Is it something about the definition of neighbor?

I understand more easily the Jewish desire to be militant, since Jews nearly ceased to exist just sixty-some years back. Is the Christian willingness based on something in the Old Testament?

Obviously, most of our armed forces and peace officers are Christians of some stripe...

And I mean no disrespect. I am genuinely curious. Am I wrong to think that martial actions are the antithesis of Christ's teachings?