Monday, January 29, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again

Well, obviously there's much to talk about, the first thing being the nation's sudden return to rationality. I have been saying for months that this past election would demonstrate whether or not we still live in a representative democracy. Given the overwhelming results of this year's elections, my faith has been significantly restored. However, it's for nothing if the Dems do not fix the elections posthaste.

But also of note is this personal development: I am now employed full-time as an assistant video editor, after working freelance for 3 months. (This in part explains the months of blog-silence) I am joining the staff of an advertising agency, their A/V division that creates film trailers and commercials for movies. I am tremendously grateful to Loren, who went to work for the same place earlier this year, and opened a door for me to attain the position I now occupy. I am also grateful to Scott for the opportunity he's giving me. Just as I was mentally embracing the prospect of aquiring work by finding it piecemeal, a permanent job was offered to me. Again, embracing the void in leaving IKEA has done nothing but pay huge dividends.

But let me return to the bigger metaphoric saddle: America won big November 7th. American women won, as the opponents of choice are stopped dead, so for now the tide is finally turned back after years of legislative abridgement. Those making the minimum wage are about to see their earning power increase, the people most likely to inject their capital into the economy. So they win, and we win too, because this move alone, I predict, will ensure a strong economy for the Dems facing reelection in 2008, for the party hoping to take back the White House. Progressive values are back in vogue, after more than 25 years of legislative roll-backs. I mean, I liked Bill Clinton and all, but his signing of welfare reform is part of why poverty has increased since 2001. He was a 'lite' Republican, in my opinion. The pendulum has changed direction, and moderation is another big winner. Taxes are a big winner, because the Dems won despite the President using the bully pulpit to frighten America with the prospect of rampant tax increases, freeing their agenda to levy whatever tax increases they see fit. Thanks George! I personally hope we see a rollback of corporate tax loopholes, and ending offshore tax shelters. Bush should stand before both houses of Congress and admit: "The era of big government is back." In all seriousness, the only personal tax increases I think we'll see will be related to rolling back Bush's treasury-bankrupting tax breaks of the early 2000's...

But the job ahead is enormous, and for the sake of the country, the Democrats must succeed. Could they/would they fail? They certainly have before. The difference this time is that the entire nation is counting on them, not just Democrats or Liberals like myself (I may have already mentioned in this venue that I became a member of the Green Party on the day Clinton signed welfare reform). We know this from the polls indicating that the country doesn't feel that they are doing ENOUGH to extricate us from Iraq. We need election, ethics, and minimum wage reform, done from a perspective that puts the middle class and its values and needs first, and that's just the beginning...


Anonymous Alex said...

Hey, welcome back! Good to hear your take on things down there. Clinton may have been "Lite" but Hills seems hard-core. I really hope the Dems don't pick her war supporting ass as leader.

1:51 PM  

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