Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Death Aquatic

Before you get pissed at my lack of taste, click the title. It's a reminder that while this weekend's tsunami disaster was probably the worst incident of its kind in recorded history, it could have been worse!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Vetting Curiosity

Vetting: to examine carefully. The process also of investigating a potential job applicant or political appointee's background to ensure you are not hiring Bozo the Clown, or Bernard Kerik.

Curiosity: a desire to learn or know...

2 words that came into into my consciousness in the last year, due to their frequently repeated use about Dubya lacking in both respects.

I had never heard the word "vetting" before I saw a headline to the effect of "Kerik's nomination failing raises questions about Bush's vetting process." Sumpin like that. Since then, I have seen the word hundreds of times, and always in relation to a Bush failing.

Like an article examining who vetted the State of the Union address that we now know to have contained at least ONE glaring inaccuracy, and using the word "inaccuracy" is being charitable on my part. That "inaccuracy" has cost over a thousand American lives, and will cost us over 200 billion of our tax dollars. Before it's over, Iraq may pay by falling into civil war.

And why the Bernie Kerik vetting process failed to turn up info that could have been aquired on Google about him. WAS there a vetting process for him? My understanding is that Dubya took Rudy Giuliani at his word...

By the way, in case you were not aware, the person responsible for vetting Kerik is our next Attorney General.

You get a sense that Dubya isn't too...inquisitive.

But we already knew that, didn't we?

Faith, misplaced, is not a virtue.