Thursday, June 22, 2006

Because you're sleeping too well at night

How our missile defense...isn't. Hit the link.

By the way, did you already know about this? I did. All previous reports I saw about the Bush administration's so-called attempt at 'Star Wars' have mentioned their having to fudge the tests in order to get the desired results, which means that they only work during tests, and even then not always...

Isn't it too bad we don't have a fortune to throw at the $300+ billion...where would we even get an amount of money that large?

Speaking of money for our defense: in case you've forgotten, the $8.8 billion that the Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority (led by Paul Bremer, they ran Iraq before handing over the 'sovereignty') lost in 2004 has yet to be accounted for, or even investigated by our own lawmakers! People are complaining about Katrina abuses, and they should, but the first thing out of their mouth should be about that missing $8.8 billion.

What could we do about North Korea with just $8.8 billion available? What could we do about education, shoring up dilapidated levies across the entire country, improving homeland defense? How much interoperability does $8.8 billion buy inside the actual homeland? Is it enough for EVERY state, or just the red states?

It's so easily ignored because it's a tiny fraction of the amount of money and blood we are pouring into the sand there.

What could our progeny have done with the $300+ billion we are spending for the Iraq occupation?

Or, to put it another way, shouldn't $300 billion have bought us a lot more good will? We're heading in the opposite direction. We can pay LOTS less to have the entire world hate us. I know it. We're Americans, dammit! All we have to do to have foreigners hate us is up!

Hey, maybe this is the impetus Bush needs to discover diplomacy. It shouldn't be the default option, but better late than never? Knock wood...


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