Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ruin and rage

How safe do you feel now?

I was just wondering if those that voted Bush last November feel very safe at this moment, after viewing the events of last week in New Orleans.

I would like you to compare the response to Katrina to the responses to any one of the four hurricanes that pounded Florida last (election) year. Shouldn't they be really fucking good at responding to hurricanes by now? I didn't get that sense last week, watching people beg for help in the flooded streets of one of America's greatest cities.

What do we owe Louisiana? Complete restoration, not just rebuilding. New Orleans gave the world jazz; the country owes Louisiana a whole hell of a lot better than what it saw after Katrina. Louisiana deserves at least as much as Iraq. How dare they suggest they shouldn't rebuild New Orleans when the spending frenzy that is the War in Iraq is several times more expensive than it would be to put New Orleans not just back to normal, but to right, where hurricanes won't be able to wipe our cultural heritage from the face of the earth. The neocons got Iraq, their most coveted possession. WE'RE KEEPING NEW ORLEANS, you rapacious, cynical mother fuckers...

The citizens of New Orleans deserved better than a 48 hour waiting period. They deserve better than a man who knows more about horses than responding to emergency events.

I have been to New Orleans several times in my life, and it was like no other city I've ever encountered...the people, the music, the food...the prospect of that magical place now just being a part of memory is unfathomable.

The issue may well come down to the competency of Michael Brown, FEMA chair. But if Brown is incompetent, what does that make the man that appointed him? Campaign slogan for 2006: CRONYISM KILLS.

But I cannot help think of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, when Lawrence against all likelihood takes a city by coming in over the desert, knowing that all of this city's weapons were pointing at the ocean, because they didn't think anyone would survive a desert crossing. Bush's coven reorganized things so heavily in favor of reacting to a terrorist attack that they have destroyed their own ability to rule because they couldn't react to a deadly natural disaster.

Now the heat is on Liberals, they need to articulate their platform for 2006, a key piece of which will be the impeachment of Dubya (it ain't gonna happen with the Republicans in charge!). The Republicans impeached Clinton over a private matter; this shit cannot stand. Nobody died as a result of Clinton's peccadilloes.

Related by blood but not by topic, a piece of trivial dreck hanging out on one of my dendrites. Today is the 18th anniversary of Bush the Elder confusing today with Pearl Harbor Day during one of his debates with Michael Dukakis.