Monday, May 08, 2006

Some of you are asking...why?

From Wikipedia, reasons to impeach Dubya:

(I could cite 4 or 5 from memory)

1. Wiretapping inside the United States without a warrant

2. Misrepresenting the facts and failing to investigate the discrepancies leading up to the invasion of Iraq

3. Refuting the Geneva Conventions

4. Extraordinary rendition

5. Responsibility as Commander-in-Chief for wrongful acts and illegal orders committed by officers and other staff under his command; in particular for encouraging, seeking justifications for, and failure to thoroughly investigate the torture of detainees at Abu Ghraib and other prisons.

6. The alleged responsibility of the George W. Bush administration in the mishandling of Hurricane Katrina

7. Handling of the Yellowcake forgery and the subsequent Plame affair.

8. Abuse of power

And for their utter disregard for our Constitution, humanity's crowning political accomplishment, I want to see Dubya and his cabal spend some time as inmates at Abu Ghraib. But is that punishment? Also, someone should be punished for setting science back in this great country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really didn't cite any real "high crimes and misdemeanors" that are apparent to most reasonable people (left and right, not just your wing of your party). Being a dick is not impeachable (unlike the Recall Process in CA). All the evidence you seem to cite is open to debate and moreover is in some cases just plain not a ground for impeachment (like katrina)....maybe if he had..oh...I dont know...lied to a grand jury as a sitting president you might cite that, but at this point you're grasping at legal straws. Now the realpolitik of it is different and if your boys and girls take over the house, they may, to appease their loony base try an impeachment, but that would be a little tougher. All they'll do is hold hearings for two years to make his 'veto' power weaker at least in the beginning. By the end (the last year of his presidency), he'll see it for the ruse it is and start using the veto again....This of course, if God forbid they actually retake the house and we have a modern 'reign of terror' the likes of which the french would be proud. With mental institutions, hate speech violations, all that shiat....

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