Friday, April 01, 2005

Sometimes stories write themselves

Sorry, I know it's a cliche.

I was walking from my car to the office I work in. In the middle of the driveway leading down to my office was a perfectly good banana. I figured someone dropped it on the way into their work. I realized that it seemed pretty strategically placed for someone to have just dropped it there, plus, that was not a safe place to be walking in the parking garage anyway. Then:

I forgot about it.

Until I returned to my car for lunch. The banana was gone! Completely, in other words, no indication of a damp squish ending that banana's existance. Then:

I forgot about it. Until I went to bed that night.

I couldn't help thinking of the fate of the banana. Did someone just pick it up and toss it? Or, better would be if someone ate it. THEN, ZZzzzzzzzzz...

I went into work the following morning. I got out of my car. I saw something shiny fall outside of the parking garage, so I walked over to the wall of the structure to look for it. Nothing.


Oh my god...If I hadn't gone to look out of the parking garage, I wouldn't have seen it! It was in front of one of the cars near mine.

A black phallic object.

"Lyin' in the highway."

It was the banana. It was black, obviously, because it was dead. I was so saddened...

Then I forgot about it.


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